SHIPPING SCHEDULE                        
  1 for EUROPE     7 for  SOUTH AMERICA                
  2 for NEW ZEALAND     8 for  CENTRAL AMERICA                
  3 for  SOUTH / EAST AFRICA     9 for  SOUTH / EAST AUSTRALIA                
  4 for WEST AFRICA     10 for  NORTH / WEST AUSTRALIA                
  5 for  SRI LANKA / PAKISTAN / MIDDLE EAST    11 for  PAPUA NEW GUINEA                
  6 for  CALIBBEAN SEA                        
  1 for Europe                        
  MORNING  CLASSIC  V-291 GRAND  SAPPHIRE  V-290          
  KOBE 21-Jul   KOBE 2-Jul            
  NAGOYA 22-Jul   NAGOYA 3-Jul            
  YOKOHAMA 23-Jul   YOKOHAMA 5-Jul            
  ROTTERDAM  T.B.A.   ROTTERDAM  T.B.A.            
  ANTWERP  T.B.A.   ANTWERP  T.B.A.            
  IMMINGHAM  T.B.A.   IMMINGHAM  T.B.A.            
  2 for New Zealand                        
  T.B.A.     T.B.A.              
  3 for South/East Africa                        
     Up Date ! !  7/3          Up Date ! !  6/ 29          
  COURAGEOUS  ACE  V-0100A RUBY  ACE  V-0042A          
  YOKOHAMA 23-Jul   YOKOHAMA 6-Jul            
  NAGOYA 24-Jul   NAGOYA 9-Jul            
  KOBE 25-Jul   KOBE 12-Jul            
  KANDA 26-Jul   KANDA 13-Jul            
  DURBAN  T.B.A.   PORT LOUIS 2-Aug            
  MAPUTO  T.B.A.   POINTE DES GALETS 3-Aug            
  DAR ES SALAAM  T.B.A.   TAMATAVE 5-Aug            
  MOMBASA  T.B.A.   DURBAN 10-Aug            
        MAPUTO 15-Aug            
        DAR ES SALAAM 19-Aug            
        MOMBASA 21-Aug            
  SAILED     SAILED              
  HEROIC  ACE  V-0074A GLOVIS  CONDUCTOR  V-0060A          
  KISARAZU 23-Jun   YOKOHAMA 8-Jun            
  YOKOHAMA 24-Jun   NAGOYA 9-Jun            
  NAGOYA 25-Jun   KOBE 11-Jun            
  KOBE 26-Jun   KANDA 13-Jun            
  KANDA 27-Jun                  
  DURBAN 25-Jul   PORT LOUIS 30-Jun            
  MAPUTO 27-Jul   POINTE DES GALETS 1-Jul            
  DAR ES SALAAM 1-Aug   TAMATAVE 3-Jul            
  MOMBASA 3-Aug   DURBAN 7-Jul            
        MAPUTO 11-Jul            
        DAR ES SALAAM 16-Jul            
        MOMBASA 18-Jul            
  4 for West Africa                        
  T.B.A.     T.B.A.              
  KOBE     NAGOYA              
  NAGOYA     YOKOHAMA              
  DURBAN     DURBAN              
  LUANDA     LIBREVILLE              
  LIBREVILLE     LAGOS              
  LAGOS     DOUALA              
  DOUALA     COTONOU              
  COTONOU     LOME              
  LOME     TEMA              
  TEMA     ABIDJAN              
  ABIDJAN     CONAKRY -            
  CONAKRY -   DAKAR -            
  DAKAR -   NOUAKCHOTT -            
  NOUAKCHOTT -                  
  5  for Sri Lanka / Pakistan / Middle East                    
  6 for Caribbean Sea                        
       Up Date !  6/ 23 SAILED              
     FIRMAMENT  ACE  V-0071A    T A L I A      V-0051E          
  KOBE 11-Jul   KANDA 24-Jun            
  NAGOYA 14-Jul   YOKOHAMA 27-Jun            
  YOKOHAMA 15-Jul   NAGOYA 29-Jun            
  BALBOA (Panama) 7-Aug   BALBOA (Panama) 23-Jul            
  CARTAGENA (Colombia) 10-Aug   KINGSTON (Jamaica) 27-Jul            
  KINGSTON (Jamaica) 12-Aug   ST.DOMINGO (Dominica Rep) 29-Jul            
  NASSAU (Bermuda)  15-Aug   P.A.PRINCE (Haiti) SKIP ←T/S from ST.Domingo          
  FREEPORT (Bermuda)  17-Aug   BASSETERRE (St. kitts)  30-Jul          
  HAMILTON (Bermuda)  20-Aug   ST. JOHN'S (Antigua) 31-Jul            
  ST. DOMINGO (Dominica REP)  23-Aug   P.A. PITRE (Guadeloupe) 1-Aug          
  P.A.PRINCE (Haiti) SKIP ←T/S from ST.Domingo PHILPSBURG (St. Martin) SKIP ←T/S from ST.Domingo        
  ARUBA (N.W. Indies) 25-Aug   ROSEAU (C.W.Dominica) 1-Aug          
  CURACAO (N.W. Indies) 26-Aug   F.D.FRANCE (Martinique) 2-Aug          
  BONAIRE (N.W. Indies) 26-Aug   PT. CASTRIES (St. Lucia)    3-Aug          
  P.O.SPAIN (Trinidad & Tobaco) 28-Aug   BRIDGETOWN (Barbados)  4-Aug          
  PT. CABELLO  (Venezuela)  30-Aug   ST. GEORGE'S (Grenada) SKIP ←T/S from ST.Domingo          
        KINGSTOWN (St. Vincent) 5-Aug            
        P.O.SPAIN (Trinidad & Tobaco) 6-Aug            
  SAILED     SAILED              
      LAPIS  ARROW   V-0079E    FREEDOM  ACE  V-0090A          
  NAGOYA 12-Jun   KANDA 25-May            
  YOKOHAMA 14-Jun   YOKOHAMA 27-May            
  KANDA -   NAGOYA 29-May            
  BALBOA (Panama) 6-Jul   BALBOA (Panama) 22-Jun            
  CARTAGENA (Colombia) SKIP   KINGSTON (Jamaica) 26-Jun            
  KINGSTON (Jamaica) 10-Jul   ST.DOMINGO (Dominica Rep) 28-Jun            
  ARUBA (N.W. Indies) 12-Jul   P.A.PRINCE (Haiti) SKIP ←T/S from ST.Domingo          
  CURACAO (N.W. Indies) 13-Jul   BASSETERRE (St. kitts)  30-Jun            
  BONAIRE (N.W. Indies) 14-Jul   ST. JOHN'S (Antigua) 1-Jul            
  PT. CABELLO  (Venezuela)  SKIP   P.A. PITRE (Guadeloupe) 2-Jul            
  P.O.SPAIN (Trinidad & Tobaco) 16-Jul   PHILPSBURG (St. Martin) SKIP ←T/S from ST.Domingo          
  ST. DOMINGO (Dominica REP)  18-Jul   ROSEAU (C.W.Dominica) 3-Jul            
  P.A. PRINCE  (Haiti) SKIP ←T/S from ST.Domingo F.D.FRANCE (Martinique) 4-Jul            
  HAMILTON (Bermuda)  22-Jul   PT. CASTRIES (St. Lucia)    5-Jul            
  NASSAU (Bermuda)  25-Jul   BRIDGETOWN (Barbados)  6-Jul            
  FREEPORT (Bermuda)  26-Jul   ST. GEORGE'S (Grenada) SKIP ←T/S from ST.Domingo          
        KINGSTOWN (St. Vincent) 7-Jul            
        P.O.SPAIN (Trinidad & Tobaco) 8-Jul   ▲TOP          
  7 for South America                        
  KOBE  Subject to Inducement          
  NAGOYA  End of every month          
  YOKOHAMA  End of every month          
  ZARATE (Arzentine)            
  MONTEVIDEO (Uruguay)            
  ASUNCION (Paraguay)            
  8  for Central  America                        
  T.B.A. T.B.A.          
  NAGOYA     NAGOYA              
  YOKOHAMA     YOKOHAMA              
  (Guatemala)   PT. QUETZAL     (Guatemala)   PT. QUETZAL              
        (El Salvador)  ACAJUTLA              
        (Honduras)    SAN LORENZO              
        (Nicaragua)    CORINTO              
        (Costa Rica)   PT. CALDERA              
  9 for South/ East Australia        (寄港地:SYDNEY⇒PORT KEMBLAへ変更)              
  10 for North /  West Australia                        
  T.B.A. T.B.A.          
  YOKOHAMA     NAGOYA              
  NAGOYA     YOKOHAMA              
  KOBE     KOBE              
  FREMANTLE     FREMANTLE              
  DARWIN     DARWIN              
  11  for Papua New Guinea                        
  CAPRICORN  ACE  V-0347A CAPRICORN  ACE  V-0336A          
  YOKOHAMA 27-Jul   NAGOYA 24-Mar            
  NAGOYA 28-Jul   YOKOHAMA 26-Mar            
  KOBE -   KOBE              
  L A E 7-Aug   L A E 8-Apr            
  PORT MORESBY 11-Aug   PORT MORESBY 12-Apr            
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